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"My husband and I met Rada at First Baptist Church of Glenn Arden where she presented at out infertility support group. I had a surgery to clean out scar tissue from my right tube, getting pregnant was close to impossible. We started to work with Rada and our Blue Cross insurance covered all our treatments!!!!In one month my hormonal levels were normal again, I no longer had cysts acupuncture helped me with that.I am thankful for nutritional support Rada provided, and now got pregnant naturally, no IVF needed!!!!What a miracle!!!!Rada is supporting me through my whole pregnancy."

Eileen D.

"My wife and I have been patients of Shady Grove fertility center for two years, after two failed IVF treatments we were losing hope.My sperm count was low and my wife did not produce good quality eggs....We were given 1% chance at becoming parents....but God had other plans....Our Shady Grove fertility doctor referred us to Rada Drapatskaya, he had seen great results with her services, and acupuncture and nutrition. We started with Rada 3 month ago, once a week acupuncture treatments and whole food nutritional supplements she prescribed. We changed our diet and felt very supported by Rada.In 3 month, both of our blood work changed, my wife produced 20 good eggs!!!!Not bed for 38 years old, and my sperm improved....A month ago we had IVF treatment, that was a success, we are expecting twins!!!!!Thank you Rada for your unparalleled knowledge of fertility acupuncture and nutrition and your great care of us."

Josh L.

“The last acupuncture treatment was so supportive. I truly feel that I am walking in ‘grace.’ Thank you for your wonderful support and love. It is such an honor to be your patient.” PATIENT TESTIMONIALS - Kathy D.

“Rada has an intuitive healing nature, which brings calm, comfort, and wellbeing to each patient that she touches. As a result of Rada’s unique qualities, acupuncture for me has become for me a way of pulling my life to the center. She has helped me to find balance in my mind, body, and spirit.” - Cheryl A.

“It has been a joy to work with you over the past 2 years. I feel very good about you going out into the community to practice. I would freely and with great confidence refer my friends and family to you. - Jeff M. (Clinical Acupuncture Instructor)

My name is Heather L, I have been a patient at Shady Grove fertility center for a year, and had 2 unsuccessful IVF treatments, my doctor recommended for me to get acupuncture and nutritional support from Rada Drapatskaya.I started to see Rada twice a week, she looked at my overall health and recommended whole food supplements that regulate hormones and digestion. I got acupuncture treatments, they were painless and my insurance covered them.Within 2 month my blood tests regulated, my hormonal levels became normal and stress level declined. I am now pregnant with my second child!!!!Thank you Rada for you warm and loving care, and your extensive knowledge of acupuncture and nutrition

My name is Hinna J. I came to the US from England and was having fertility challenges...My doctor in Shady Grove fertility center highly recommended Rada for her success rate with helping patients to achieve fertility.Rada worked with me on my life style to reduce stress, I started to take whole food vitamins she recommended. My sleep improved within 2 treatments, I no longer had painful periods...within 3 month I got pregnant and now welcomed my first baby boy!!!Rada supported me throughout my whole pregnancy, and after my delivery...My pregnancy was a dream , painless and happy, and my IVF treatment plus acupuncture were a great success had no sideefects from IVF that other woman reported, due to comprehensive care I got from Rada.I recommend acupuncture and nutritional support to any couple that are having fertility issues.Man sufferer through it too. My husband also got acupuncture and nutrition from Rada, as he had low sperm count...Thank you Rada, you are NUMBER ONE FERTILITY ACUPUNCTURIST!!!!